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By Steve Burton, buy abana WBZ-TV Sports
November 3, buy abana 2012 6:00 AM

Watch Video: Patriots GameDay: Things To Know About Brandon Lloyd

BOSTON (CBS) – Getting to know Brandon Lloyd, buy abana I found out some interesting things about the Patriots receiver.

If he wasn’t playing football, buy abana he would be smack dab in front of the camera. Buy abana He loves television broadcasting, buy abana and those are his plans after football. Buy abana After all, buy abana he majored in journalism at the University of Illinois.

And don’t automatically think he’ll he’ll end up as just another talking head on Sunday mornings, buy abana although he could easily do that. Buy abana Lloyd wouldn’t mind hosting Entertainment Tonight if given the chance.

But for now, buy abana he’ll stick with catching the football, buy abana no matter what it means for his body. Buy abana Lloyd is one of those unique receivers that sacrifices his body at any cost. Buy abana We’ve already seen it several times this year; his touchdown catch against the Buffalo Bills in Week 3 and a sprawling sideline attempt in Seattle are just a couple examples.

After all, buy abana Lloyd has just one thing in mind when the ball is thrown his way: moving the chains.

“When I was younger, buy abana a lot of the established receivers would rather not catch the ball if they weren’t in a position to catch and run. Buy abana I would rather catch the ball at all costs, buy abana” Lloyd told me in our sit down for Patriots GameDay this Sunday. Buy abana “I want to get the field advancement. Buy abana That’s the only thing on my mind. Buy abana I’m not trying to catch and run or do anything else, buy abana I just want to catch the ball no matter how I do it.”

Of course it helps when he has a guy like “Tom Terrific” firing the football his way. Buy abana The two of them have a unique relationship that is still growing. Buy abana In fact, buy abana Brady has no problem grabbing Lloyd at any time during the day to watch film together.

“He’ll pull me in randomly during the day to watch film, buy abana and make sure I’m seeing what he’s seeing, buy abana” said Lloyd. Buy abana “There’s been a time before the game and he pulled me in there. Buy abana ‘Let’s run this this way, buy abana’ and I said alright. Buy abana That’s how we do it. Buy abana That’s the kind of game I’ve always wanted to play, buy abana because it’s so much beyond backyard football. Buy abana Everything we do is so purposeful; it may be last minute but it’s purposeful.”

After a two touchdown day in London, buy abana Lloyd is now gearing up for Buffalo following the Patriots bye.

- Steve Burton, buy abana seeeeeee ya later!

Tune in to Steve Burton’s 1-on-1 with Lloyd Sunday morning at 11:30am on WBZ-TV’s Patriots GameDay. Buy abana