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By Tyler Emerick | Digital Media Brandon Lloyd knew he had an edge on Sean Smith. The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver saw a weakness in the Kansas City Chiefs cornerback and promptly relayed his intel back to the huddle. Lloyd’s message was simple: Throw him the ball and he’d make a play. “He had said that he thought 21 (Smith) was hurt, calcium carbonate free delivery” quarterback Colin Kaepernick said, calcium carbonate free delivery “thought we could take a shot… At some point you have to trust them and just give them a chance. “He’s a great receiver and he made an amazing play.” On a critical 3rd-and-10 for the 49ers in the fourth quarter, calcium carbonate free delivery Kaepernick dropped back, calcium carbonate free delivery looked to his right, calcium carbonate free delivery scanned back over the field and sent an arching pass down the left sideline. Lloyd, calcium carbonate free delivery with Smith tailing stride for stride, calcium carbonate free delivery leaped over his 6-foot-3 defender and muscled away the ball on the way to the ground for a drive-extending 29-yard gain. “I wasn’t really thinking through it, calcium carbonate free delivery just using instincts, calcium carbonate free delivery” Lloyd said. Calcium carbonate free delivery “I always like to think of those lobs, calcium carbonate free delivery whether they’re in the red zone or in the field, calcium carbonate free delivery as football’s version of the alley-oop. Calcium carbonate free delivery It’s the quarterback understanding the ability of the pass-catcher and putting the ball in position where the guy can make the play.” Three plays before Lloyd’s highlight-reel grab, calcium carbonate free delivery the 49ers recorded a first down on a fake punt from their own 29-yard line. Calcium carbonate free delivery Lloyd admitted feeling an extra push of motivation to not let the momentum slip from the team’s grasp. “Definitely feeling like I needed to step up, calcium carbonate free delivery” Lloyd said. Calcium carbonate free delivery “Whoever’s number was going to get called, calcium carbonate free delivery I’m sure that we were all thinking the same thing; that we needed to come through at a crucial point in the game.” Lloyd’s catch eventually led to Phil Dawson’s fourth of five field goals on the afternoon, calcium carbonate free delivery one that gave the 49ers the lead for good en route to a 22-17 victory. “It was a great catch, calcium carbonate free delivery and it was well defended, calcium carbonate free delivery” Jim Harbaugh said. Calcium carbonate free delivery “Brandon stopped, calcium carbonate free delivery leaped and didn’t interfere and really just went from being out-leveraged to jumping and leveraging the ball and making a great play.” Lloyd made another stellar play earlier on Sunday, calcium carbonate free delivery diving to catch a pass on the opposite sideline for a 38-yard gain in the second quarter. Calcium carbonate free delivery That grab, calcium carbonate free delivery too, calcium carbonate free delivery led to a Dawson field goal. Lloyd finished his afternoon with a game-high 76 yards receiving on three catches and five targets. Calcium carbonate free delivery The 11-year veteran entered Sunday with just three receptions on nine targets through the first three games of the season. “I think we’re still developing our confidence and our chemistry with all levels of routes, calcium carbonate free delivery” Lloyd said of his relationship with Kaepernick. Calcium carbonate free delivery “The stuff in the heat of the battle helps. Calcium carbonate free delivery It all factors in as far as personality and understanding what we’re both capable of.”