Discovering Marijuana Dispensaries: Where to Find The Weed

In the year of 2015, Americans spent over five million dollars on legal medical and recreational marijuana. To put that into perspective for you, that is more than they spent on Cheetos, Doritos, and Funyuns combined. Many people may still envision “drug deals” taking place in dark alleys or on street corners. In this day and age, people that need marijuana for medical purposes or people that just want to smoke weed can visit any number of brick-and-mortar stores throughout the United States of America that legally sells smokeable marijuana, marijuana-infused foods, and the equipment needed to smoke marijuana. Marijuana can be bought legally in twenty-five different states in America and the District of Columbia also where people that want weed can find marijuana dispensaries.

In twenty-five states in the United States of America and in the District of Columbia, there are laws in place that legalize the purchase of marijuana in some form (for medicinal or recreational purposes). Voters in another five states did cast ballots to vote to legalize marijuana last a year ago. There are many dispensaries that sell legal marijuana throughout America, but there are only some of them throughout our country that has the weed wow factor.

The Grove

The Grove is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It blends in well with the Las Vegas Strip with its neon green siding and its name in lights. It is a medical marijuana dispensary that has joints for people from all walks of life. Their signature product is a joint rolled with gold plated paper. This store also takes medical marijuana cards from other states so their residents can get their marijuana there without any trouble.

Have a Heart-Skyway

When tourists that are cruising for cannabis arrive in Seattle, Washington, the first place that they may go to is Have a Heart-Skyway which is just eight minutes from the airport. This company has a relationship with local marijuana growers that has been going on for a long period of time. The local growers help Have a Heart provide high-quality marijuana to their customers at fair prices. Snoop Dogg visited there in April of last year and gave them the “weed smoker stamp of approval.”

High-Quality Compassion

High-Quality Compassion bills themselves as a mission-driven dispensary. At this dispensary patients and people that love cannabis can enjoy life as much as possible by cannabis consumption. The people that visit this store get a complimentary pre-rolled joint on the first Sunday of the month with purchase.

Essence Cannabis Dispensary

This dispensary is located on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. They say that quality service is very important to them. They obtain their marijuana from a “pharmaceutical-grade cultivation facility.” They also have a nurse on staff to answer patient’s questions.

House of Dank

Even though medical marijuana has been legal in Detroit, Michigan since 2008, the black market continues to have control over marijuana sales. The House of Dank opened on the “Infamous Eight Mile Road” to give safe access and education to those that are in need of it.

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

You can find this dispensary in Denver, Colorado. It can be found when you search doctors and medical marijuana dispensary in your city. It is a “one-stop shop” for medical and recreational weed users. Their product line includes eighteen flower strains, including the businesses proprietary Denver Maple. The Denver Maple was recognized as one of the best indica strains at the High Times 2014 Cannabis Cup.

Swell Farmacy

The goal of Swell Farmacy is to have every one of their customers that goes through their doors becomes a pseudo-ambassador for the marijuana industry. By means of events in the community and talking with their “budtenders”, they want to educate their customers. They also give a discount to veterans and active duty military so they help those of them that have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cannabis and Glass

This store for recreational marijuana users is not shy about how much they love marijuana. Their quote on their company Leafly profile says “We love to smoke weed every day.” The mission statement of their business is to give their customers the most cost-effective pot in eastern Washington. The retail price of every flower is ten dollars and the cost of pre-rolled joints is five dollars.

Nectar-West Portland Park

This dispensary which is located in Portland, Oregon and it is one of the biggest chains of dispensaries in Oregon. They say they like to follow the bud from “clone to client.” They always know where every strain is grown and makes sure that their providers send their products to laboratories for routine testing. Their daily deals are irresistible as well as their two-dollar edibles.

The Greenhouse

This dispensary is located in Glendale, Arizona and they consider themselves a “no fuss, no muss pharmacy.” Every one of their new patients is entered automatically into a loyalty rewards program. Their customers get a point for every dollar that they spend. When they obtain 400 points, they get fifty dollars worth of store credit.

The Infinite Wellness Center

This center is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their new customers and connoisseurs have total faith in the fact that the wellness center will provide them with the biggest selection of flower-grown in-house using hydroponics in the area of Northern Colorado. They have a variety of thirty-five strains and their consistent quality keeps bringing their patients back to their store.

Humboldt Patient Resource Center

In Arcata, California, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt Patient Resource Center has been in business for more than seventeen years. It was one of the first dispensaries to open for business after California made medical marijuana legal. They are also one of the best dispensaries because they have high-quality medicine and a supportive staff.

Dispensaries like the ones I have shared here can also be found on the website They have a lot of information about marijuana dispensaries and stores so you will always know where to find the weed.