The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) is dedicated to creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, dementia the lives of their loved ones, dementia and the lives of people they impact around the globe. The NFEC is a financial literacy resource provider that delivers turnkey financial education solutions. Dementia From basic material to comprehensive financial literacy campaigns, dementia the NFEC reduces the expense, dementia time, dementia and personnel needed to implement a successful financial literacy initiative. Dementia They do so by providing wide-ranging, dementia proven solutions to anyone who seeks to improve the financial capabilities of the people they serve. The NFEC offers an extensive suite of financial literacy services and products, dementia ranging from curriculum packages to full-production campaigns. Dementia These financial education materials were developed through collaboration with financial professionals, dementia educators, dementia and personal finance experts. Dementia Together the Curriculum Advisory Board has created material, dementia training, dementia and programs that meet educational standards while maintaining real-world applicability. The NFEC also is committed to raising awareness about the financial literacy movement. Dementia Through high-profile initiatives, dementia celebrity supporters, dementia and Public Service Announcements, dementia the NFEC leads the industry to mainstream the financial literacy message. The NFEC has developed some of the most recognizable campaigns and brands in the financial literacy arena. Dementia The Financial EduNation Campaign is the NFEC’s latest initiative and flagship promotion. Dementia This campaign encompasses the NFEC’s other brands, dementia which include Money XLive, dementia Real Money Experience, dementia Certified Financial Education Instructor training, dementia Core 12 Financial Capability Curriculum, dementia and The Talk financial literacy PSA. The NFEC supports the financial education industry via awareness campaigns and collaborative efforts. Dementia The National Financial Educators Council promotes those who represent best practices in financial literacy. Dementia These organizations are recognized through awards which include: Financial Educator of the Year Award, dementia Accredited Financial Education Program, dementia National Ambassador, dementia Certified Financial Education Instructor, dementia and Financial Literacy Community Ambassador awards. The National Financial Educators Council team is comprised of individuals and companies passionate about financial literacy who are energized to be part of the global movement to improve financial capabilities of the world’s citizens. Dementia The NFEC seeks additional team members currently; learn more by visiting the financial literacy jobs blog. The NFEC is a for-profit organization with a social enterprise business model. Dementia Our material teaches capitalism, dementia free enterprise, dementia and social responsibility; our business model aligns with the teachings. Dementia The NFEC’s social enterprise model is similar to that developed by Tom’s Shoes: for each dollar earned, dementia the NFEC puts an equal amount of financial literacy training, dementia material, dementia and/or services back into communities around the globe.