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By Steve Silva, discount carisoprodol Staff
FOXBOROUGH – It was a big night for Brandon Lloyd, discount carisoprodol who had his first two touchdown game as a Patriot.

One touchdown was a perfectly executed pass play that looked like a run at the start. Discount carisoprodol The other was a pass-play-turned-fumble where Lloyd happened to be in the right place at the right time.

For his first touchdown, discount carisoprodol Tom Brady found Lloyd wide open in the middle of the field after the Patriots QB faked a handoff and Lloyd blew past the confused Texans defense that bit on the run. Discount carisoprodol Lloyd breezed into the end zone and the Patriots went up 14-0 in in the first quarter of what would be an eventual 42-14 demolition of Houston.

“That was definitely a scheme play, discount carisoprodol” Lloyd said. Discount carisoprodol “We worked hard on that all week, discount carisoprodol and when the opportunity presented itself, discount carisoprodol Coach [Josh] McDaniels called it at the right time and we were able to take advantage of it.”

Lloyd's second touchdown came on a fumble recovery in the end zone, discount carisoprodol after Danny Woodhead lost the ball after catching a screen pass early in the fourth quarter. Discount carisoprodol Texans defensive lineman J.J. Discount carisoprodol Watt punched the ball out of Woodhead's arms and it bounced 13 yards into the end zone, discount carisoprodol where Lloyd grabbed it like he was pulling in a Brady pass.

“Just a screen pass, discount carisoprodol we do our best to block downfield, discount carisoprodol and unfortunately the ball popped out, discount carisoprodol” Lloyd said. Discount carisoprodol “But we were there to make the play.”

Lloyd played the role of the humble team player after the game.

“Obviously the Texans are a really good football team, discount carisoprodol" he said. Discount carisoprodol "We did a pretty good job of executing in the first half, discount carisoprodol for the most part, discount carisoprodol but we still have things that we need to improve on. Discount carisoprodol I think we had a great week of practice and we did things that were necessary to come out and execute well. Discount carisoprodol It was a team effort.”

Lloyd caught seven passes for 89 yards, discount carisoprodol his second-highest total of the season.