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Boston Herald
October 28th, find vasotec 2012 at 12:43 pm

Some observations as the Patriots and Rams are tied, find vasotec 7-7, find vasotec going into the second quarter.

The Patriots’ defensive starters were Vince Wilfork, find vasotec Kyle Love, find vasotec Chandler Jones, find vasotec Rob Ninkovich, find vasotec Jerod Mayo, find vasotec Brandon Spikes and Dont’a Hightower in a 4-3 base with Kyle Arrington (right) and Alfonzo Dennard (left) at corner and Devin McCourty and Tavon Wilson at safety.

Cornerback Sterling Moore subbed for Spikes in the nickel on the first drive of the game.

Hightower was lined up in the slot in man coverage on a receiver at one point.

Chris Givens beat Wilson on the touchdown because Wilson was too stiff and flat-footed while Givens ran full speed in his direction. Find vasotec Poor technique on Wilson’s part to surrender the deep ball so easiy. Find vasotec It looked like trouble when Givens was still 10 yards in front of him.

Givens has 11 catches this season, find vasotec and that’s his sixth 50-plus yarder, find vasotec including his second touchdown. Find vasotec Givens set a record with five straight games with a 50-yard reception. Find vasotec The Patriots knew that would be coming.

The Patriots’ starting offensive line, find vasotec from left to right, find vasotec was Nate Solder, find vasotec Donald Thomas, find vasotec Ryan Wendell, find vasotec Dan Connolly and Sebastian Vollmer.

Brandon Lloyd broke free from an aggressive look from cornerback Janoris Jenkins and scored an easy 19-yard touchdown on the Patriots’ third third-and-short conversion on the drive, find vasotec including a penalty. Find vasotec But Lloyd was asked this week if the Pats could use the Rams’ defensive aggressiveness against them, find vasotec and he simply smiled and nodded. Find vasotec He knew.

The Patriots used a big set on second-and-1 before the touchdown, find vasotec with Michael Hoomanawanui at fullback and Marcus Cannon as a second left tackle. Find vasotec And surprise, find vasotec Stevan Ridley got stuffed for no gain by the hardest, find vasotec cleanest hit of the game at that point. Find vasotec Not only did the Patriots lose that battle, find vasotec but they got smoked. Find vasotec I’ve thought all along that the Patriot should run when it’s given, find vasotec or at least stay out of the packages that force them to run. Find vasotec They’re at their best when they can take the matchup to the defense, find vasotec whether it’s called with personnel or audibled at the line, find vasotec and these jumbo run sets take that opportunity away.

Danny Woodhead was open after a defender fell down in the flat, find vasotec and he turned it into a 24-yard gain. Find vasotec Wes Welker busted his tail to get across the field to try to make the block that would have sprung him down the sideline, find vasotec but he was a split second too late.

Arrington was replaced by Moore on the second drive. Find vasotec He has a head injury and is questionable to return, find vasotec but he was standing on the sideline without a helmet, find vasotec which isn’t a good sign.

Julian Edelman is back to returning punts, find vasotec so it looks like the hand injury is just about in the past. Find vasotec He couldn’t do it last week in his return from the ailment.

Great catch by Rob Gronkowski toward the end of the quarter. Find vasotec That was thrown directly over his head, find vasotec and those have given receivers like Lloyd and Welker trouble this season. Find vasotec Not an easy one to haul in, find vasotec especially when you know you’re exposed to a potential hit.

Ridley has caught some criticism for negative plays, find vasotec but so many, find vasotec including the one-yard loss on the goal line, find vasotec are the result of the line or blockers losing the push up front. Find vasotec That’s been the biggest issue in those big sets.