Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and color ( Brandon Lloyd is an art of acrobatic motion that expresses athletic talent in a true, but rare art form. A body of motion filled with voices of thoughts and stories, Lloyd has brought his love of music to the forefront, not as another athlete turned rapper, but as a breakthrough talent that will be a force to be reckoned with in the music business industry. Lloyd’s thorough understanding of music has already brought him accolades that no other athlete has been able to accomplish, giving birth the Flight 85.

Brandon has always had the musical bug. He has listened to every genre of music, from Willie Nelson and Metallica to Beethoven and Master P. When he was in the eighth grade, his favorite cassette was Deion Sanders, Prime Time album. He would listen to that and think how great it was for Deion to express himself as who he is through music. At an impressionable age, Lloyd credits that to his inspiration and love of music. “I’ve always loved to express myself through music. I love the storytelling and just being captured by the creative process of how it is all put together, how the music is composed, how it’s recorded and the writing process,” Lloyd explains in a recent interview with Sporting News Magazine.

Lloyd has had his success in the music business to date and will continue to evolve once he is no longer playing football. In 2008, his single “She’s All Mine,” with Bobby Valentino made the Billboard R&B chart and his song “Heavy” was recently featured on the Spike TV show “Blue Mountain State.”

“I have the guts to stand out and do something I’m passionate about, go against the grain and go against the conventional wisdom that the athlete-rap thing is unsuccessful. Yet I’m going to do it. People will say: ‘Oh, you’re doing hip-hop music? Who does he think he is, a rapper? He’s trying to be someone he’s not.’ When in reality, I’d be someone I’m not by not expressing myself in music.”