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SB Nation | By Ryan Rosenblatt

Brandon Lloyd scored from five yards out as the Patriots are threatening to turn this into a laugher.

There were a couple times when it looked like the Houston Texans might have a chance to upend the New England Patriots. Order cheap creatine 1200 The opening kickoff, order cheap creatine 1200 which went all the way to the Patriots' 12 was one. Order cheap creatine 1200 The 10 points just before halftime that made it a 17-13 game was another. Order cheap creatine 1200 But it sure doesn't feel like they have a chance now. Order cheap creatine 1200 Not after Brandon Lloyd caught a five-yard touchdown pass to put the Patriots up 31-13 in the waning seconds of the third quarter.

The drive started at the Patriots' 37-yard line and got going quickly with a nine-yard rush by Stevan Ridley. Order cheap creatine 1200 A 14-yard pass to Aaron Hernandez and a seven-yard completion to Lloyd kept the Pats going before Ridley carried twice for 28 yards. Order cheap creatine 1200 That moved the ball to the Houston five-yard line, order cheap creatine 1200 where a quick pass to Lloyd was good for a touchdown. Order cheap creatine 1200 An extra point later and the New England lead was 18 points with just a litte more than a quarter to go for a berth in the AFC Championship Game.

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