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By DJ Bean | WEEI.com Blog Network

The takeaway from Brandon Lloyd‘s performance Sunday was obvious: It was his best game as a Patriot. Order cheap flagyl er In reality, order cheap flagyl er it was actually among the best receiving performances of the Tom Brady era, order cheap flagyl er and one that had never even been turned in by Randy Moss in his time with the Pats.

Considering how Lloyd’s first season in New England had gone up until Sunday night’s matchup with the 49ers, order cheap flagyl er the bar wasn’t exactly set extremely high. Order cheap flagyl er He’d been thrown to plenty — at least five targets in all but two games, order cheap flagyl er seven or more targets in eight games and 12 or more in three games — but through his first 13 games as a Patriot, order cheap flagyl er the former first-round pick had just two performances with 70 yards or more.

Lloyd more than exceeded whatever lowered expectations the last 13 games may have brought, order cheap flagyl er turning in a gargantuan 10-reception, order cheap flagyl er 190-yard performance on a night in which Brady went his way 16 times. Order cheap flagyl er Lloyd didn’t score a touchdown against the 49ers (he still has just four on the season), order cheap flagyl er but he played an integral role in the Patriots coming back from 28 points down in the second half. Order cheap flagyl er In particular, order cheap flagyl er Lloyd’s 53-yard reception with the Patriots on their own 18 yard line put the Pats in striking distance to set up Danny Woodhead‘s game-tying touchdown.

Lloyd also came up with a 24-yard grab on 4th-and-4 with the Pats down by 10 late to set up Stephen Gostkowski‘s field goal. Order cheap flagyl er The performance was one Patriots fans shouldn’t soon forget, order cheap flagyl er and not just because it was a coming out party for the highly touted free agent signee. Order cheap flagyl er Lloyd’s 190 receiving yards are significant, order cheap flagyl er as they stand as the third-most in a single game for the Pats once since Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe in the 2001 season.

Wes Welker has topped 190 yards twice for the Patriots, order cheap flagyl er turning in a 16-catch, order cheap flagyl er 217-yard performance in last season’s 34-31 loss to the Bills, order cheap flagyl er as well as catching 15 passes for 192 yards on Nov. Order cheap flagyl er 22, order cheap flagyl er 2009 in a 31-14 win over the Jets.

Obviously, order cheap flagyl er receiving yards aren’t the only means of judging a great receiving performance, order cheap flagyl er as Rob Gronkowski literally has a dozen multi-touchdown games under his belt that outshine Lloyd’s game against the 49ers. Order cheap flagyl er Still, order cheap flagyl er Lloyd was brought in to be a vertical threat capable of producing big plays and big yards, order cheap flagyl er and he did so Sunday in a way that’s rarely been seen even in this offense. Order cheap flagyl er Here’s a look at some of the biggest receiving performances of the Brady era for the Pats in terms of yards (meant to be a top-10 sort of list, order cheap flagyl er but the apparent inability to correctly count to 10 on my part means it’s now a top-13 list):

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