Quit Smoking

By Alex Welch | SB Nation

Brandon Lloyd finished with a career day in Week 15. Quit smoking We break down the fantasy implications.

Brandon Lloyd caught 10 passes for a career-high 190 yards on Sunday night against the 49ers. Quit smoking Tom Brady targeted the wideout 16 times in Week 15, quit smoking putting him second behind Aaron Hernandez.

Lloyd seemed to catch deep pass after deep pass down the sideline, quit smoking finished with a 53-yard reception as his longest of the game.

Fantasy Impact: With all the injuries to the Patriots receiving corps, quit smoking Lloyd was bound to be rediscovered eventually. Quit smoking Last week him posted impressive numbers, quit smoking and it looks like this trend will continue going forward.

Lloyd is looking at an easy matchup next week with the Jaguars. Quit smoking Expect solid production from him again, quit smoking assuming the game doesn't get out of hand too quickly.

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Source: http://www.sbnation.com/fantasy/2012/12/17/3775504/brandon-lloyd-stats-fantasy-football-patriots-vs-49ers-recap