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When 13th November was chosen as the official breaking ground day by the contractors and the officials of Las Vegas Raiders Football team, many of the fans were happy to hear it. This is because this will be one of the biggest stadia that is supposed to be finished by 2020 that is according to the general manager of McCarthy building company. The Oakland Raiders stadium new stadium will be located in the vicinity of the McCarran international airport, and the site has been approved by the FAA. As they have concluded that the location is excellent and the construction can continue as scheduled. This has given the construction team a significant step on the project as most of the material is set to be arriving anytime soon. The stadium will have a capacity of 65,000 seat and modern facilities in it. As it was before there were so many obstacles that hindered the project to kick off. Like the permission of Clark county commission but when they approved it was a huge step. The plan of building the stadium is budgeted to take about $ 1.9 billion. As the stadium should be a modern day stadium that meets the required standards of the constructions in the United States
The stadium will have a current day gym that is fitted with everything that you may want to have. The gym equipment will be supplied by professions who know precisely what is required in the gym. The place will also have a modern swimming pool that will be there to help the players and people who want to use it. The gym will be patronized by well-qualified trainees whose primary objective will be to ensure that the players are in good shape at all the time. For those players who will be interested in bike riding then the gym will be there to help such a person to practice.
The stadium will be equipped with a modern hospital and emergency rooms that will be opened at all time. This emergency hospital will have doctors who work there twenty-four hours. This doctor will be there to help the player know their medical status as well as their fitness. They will also be regularly checking to make sure all the diet that the player takes is right and followed strictly as required. As you know this is a significant investment done so by investing heavily in the player’s health is a major step for the team. There will also be ambulances that will be used in case of emergency as the fleet of the ambulance that will be having well qualified medical officers who are trained to take emergency.
The stadium will also be equipped with big and adequate parking space. This modern parking space will be subdivided into various sections that will be enough for those with cars to park. This modern parking space will be constructed both in and out of the stadium, and the correct measures will be taken for security to be able to monitor all the activities that take place there.
There will also be enough security personnel who will be there to help the stadium from those who may want to cause a problem. There will be enough security system and CCTV that will be used to monitor every corner of the stadium. The security personnel will have their strategic places in and out of the stadium that will be there to help. There will also be stewards who will be there to help to control those rowdy fans so that it will be easy for the security system to monitor all the activities in the stadium very well.
The stadium will be equipped with modern day hotels, banks, and restaurant that will be selling fast food, snacks, and drinks to fans. Those who would like to have the services of the bank the place will have ATM machines that will be taking your cards. There will be hotels that you can rent it so that you can be able to spend your day in the stadium. There will also be a fan zone area where the fans will be meeting with their players so that they can get their autographs signed. Even for those who would like to get a snap with the players or with any other person the place is there for you to enjoy.
This modern stadium will be good changing rooms with lockers that players will be able to keep their things safe. This place will also have the same room for the visitors who come to the stadium. The guest team will also have an opportunity to sleep in the rooms when they arrived in the place. This will be for their comfort. For those players who would be wanting to rest there will be room for them to enjoy as it will be comfortable.
The stadium will be equipped with the modern day museum that will be opened at all time. This gallery will be collecting those rare items of the team that has made history for the team. This museum will have all the collection of the other stadium there as people will be happy to see what the raiders did in the past. There also be shops at the museum for the people to come and buy the rare things that they can purchase as it is easy for them to get them.
There will be big screen fitted in and out of the stadium for it will be easy for those people who are not in the arena to watch those games with ease. The stadium will be fitted with new seats that will be comfortable and relaxes you as you watch the game. The stadium also will be equipped with proper air conditioners and excellent sound system that will help you to get everything as it happens. This arena will be a significant step for Oakland Raiders to put them on the world map as a new team.


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